SRI YUVA BIOTECH PVT LTD is a Certified Company focused in manufacturing and trading of an entire range of highly effective Agri based products, industrial Enzymes & probiotic based Dairy, Poultry and Aqua feed supplements.

The Company was established with the main objective of becoming a major player in bio services to Agro, enzymes, Poultry, dairy, aqua farms and Pharma companies. The company will focus on development of all types of agri inputs like Plant Growth Promoters, Organic Fertilizer, Bio-Fertilizer, Organic Manures, Bio-pesticides, Bio-fungicides, animal feed supplements (Poultry, cattle and aqua feed) industrial enzymes like food & pharma, etc., live stock feeds and other nutrient feed supplements..

Why Us ?

Building strong relationships, supplying quality products and surpassing client expectations will be the key drivers of our company. Our strong technical background and cumulative experience of handling complex situations facing farming community will lead to making our company the quality producer of such products in India.